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Board Members are elected at the Association's annual meeting and serve for two years. Officers are selected at the first Board of Directors meeting after the annual meeting. Officers do not have to be a member of the Board (with the exception of the President).

The Board meets once a month at a local business.

January 2011 BOD minutes     April 2011 BOD minutes     May 2011 BOD minutes     June 2011 BOD minutes

July 2011 BOD minutes     August 2011 BOD minutes     September 2011 BOD minutes     December 2011 BOD minutes

January 2012 BOD minutes     February 2012 BOD minutes     March 2012 BOD minutes     May 2012 BOD minutes     June 2012 BOD minutes     

July 2012 BOD minutes      August 2012 BOD minutes     September 2012 BOD minutes     December 2012 BOD minutes

January 2013 BOD minutes     March 2013 BOD minutes     May 2013 BOD minutes     September 2013 BOD minutes

March 2014 BOD minutes     July 2014 BOD minutes     October 2014 BOD minutes

January 2015 BOD minutes     March 2015 BOD minutes    

The Board holds an annual meeting for all Members on the 3rd Tuesday of October.

  Board Member Term Expires
  Bane Page October 2013
  Lance Webb October 2014
  Joe Marquez October 2014
  Tom Bolger October 2013
  Association Officers  
  President Joe Marquez
  Vice President Bane Page
  Treasurer Tom Bolger
  Secretary Lance Webb


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